A hub of activity 365 days a year

As the sun rises over the desert sky, the sound of jogging on the 365 Community Union’s concourse serves as a prelude to the liveliness that will take place in the coming day. The ASU ROTC is finishing up their morning training with a five mile run to conclude the AM routine. By 7 A.M., there is already a bustle of activity, with a yoga class on the Coca-Cola Sun Deck and students meeting for coffee before heading to class. A student-run smoothie shop has already served their 15th customer of the morning, while the morning Cronkite News broadcast displays prominently on Sun Devil Vision, being broadcast from the new Walker Cronkite School of Journalism studio in the press tower.


Sun Devil Athletics prepares for another championship season, with the Volleyball team training in Carson Athletic Center (Carson) and various student-athletes completing their nutritional regimen training table in the Student Athlete Facility (SAF). The installation of a new exhibit in the ASU Innovation Lounge showcases a new laser technology designed to fight cancer pioneered by faculty and students from ASU Knowledge Enterprise Development.


At 7:30 A.M., lectures begin in the 365 Community Union’s classrooms, spanning a broad spectrum of curricula and bringing a diverse group of students together to learn and grow. On the East Side 300 Level, set-up is well underway for Tempe Tourism to host a symposium of travel agents and planners from China, Japan and India, which will encourage visitation and tourism to the American West. On the 400 Level, ASU President Michael M. Crow delivers a thoughtful and visionary speech to a group of influential donors, while the Tillman Veteran’s Center and Public Service Academy prepare the leaders of tomorrow on the 450 Level.


By 11 A.M., staff is turning over the 300 and 400 Levels in preparation for an afternoon ASUTED Talk as well as pre- and post- Alumni receptions. Students, faculty and other community members congregate in the dining areas to enjoy a myriad of delicious and healthy lunch options. As classes continue in the Carson, SAF and the classrooms in the press tower, students of the Cronkite School of Journalism gain real-world experience as they engage in video conferences with Cronkite News Bureaus around the world discussing global trade.


By 3 P.M., students in the Global Sport Institute work with the Adidas Performance Lab to understand how to better prevent sports injuries using newly available technologies. On the Coca-Cola Sun Deck, ASU Change Makers fill backpacks with school supplies for under-served youth in conjunction with America Reads.


As the sun sets over the horizon, the desert sky is filled with purple and gold hues, warming the spirit of everyone in the city. Lanterns and string lighting are strewn across the patio of the Coca-Cola Sun Deck, as preparations are made for the evening’s student-run acoustic and spoken word performance showcase. Patrons begin filing into the stadium to enjoy a meal and craft cocktail at the conclusion of a productive day. While others run the concourse or relax enjoying the performances.


By 10 P.M., a brilliant performance on the main stage closes with some insightful words from the headlining artist regarding the importance of our role and responsibility to our community. Eyes are opened and hearts are warmed as another day at 365 Community Union comes to a close.

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One of the most exciting aspects of the 365 Community Union is that there will be incredible dining options that will be as diverse as our student body and designed for every palate. With top notch catering facilities, we’ll also be a top choice for conferences, retreats and even weddings
— Colleen Jennings-Roggensack, ASU Vice President for Cultural Affairs and Executive Director of ASU Gammage
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We want this to be a gathering place of innovation and sustainability involving the athletic and academic communities at ASU. This is an experience and a venue that really belongs to the whole university and the whole community.
— Ray Anderson, Vice President, University Athletics
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